Now your fleet can compete

If your business has its own small fleet of delivery vehicles that cover local or metro deliveries, you will know how expensive a scan and tracking solution can be.

Coupled with the cost of an electronic tracking solution, your customers may be frustrated with the lack of shipment visibility your local fleet provide in comparison to your other transport provider partners.

Visibility of your local deliveries

Tracker4Transport is perfect for your own fleet, and provides tracking events you can share with your customers, just like a Tier 1 Transport Provider.

A simple, real-time tracking solution for all.


A simple, real-time tracking solution for all

Offer your customers and team a real-time tracking solution that captures and relays key shipment tracking events as they happen. All your drivers need is a smartphone and the Traker4Transport app, then they can scan your SmartFreight® labels at every stage of the delivery journey.

Tracker4Transport is part of the SmartFreight® suite of freight management solutions.

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