Last Mile Management

SmartFreight solves scalable multi-carrier for management.

Multi-carrier last-mile strategy

Use your own freight rates, with your chosen transport providers, in a single system that unifies them and manages them all. That one system is called SmartFreight.

For every single delivery it optimizes between your transport providers to give you:

  • Lowest cost service selection or
  • Fastest delivery solution or
  • Soonest delivery services

It does this for each delivery destination.


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SmartFreight tracks and manages the dispatch moment and last mile. This empowers you to hold your carrier accountable for:

  • DIFOT/OTIF reporting (Delivered in full, on time)
  • Line-item invoice reconciliation
  • POD/Connote/Track and Trace management

So that you get the most efficient utilization of your multi-carrier last mile strategy. This ripples into improved customer service because what’s measured, matters.


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Last Mile


Companies with large carrier bills struggle with:

  • Invoicing errors or waybill duplication from carriers
  • Integrating delivery systems into accounting software, WMS and ERP’s
  • Weight and dimension calculation errors
  • Relying on carrier invoices - due to sheer volume

Companies using multiple carrier's struggle with:

  • Comparing one carrier’s performance against another
  • Using a different software platform for each carrier
  • Statement reconciliations across multiple carriers
  • Reverse logistics


Our software and experience will unify your last-mile shipping.


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Rate card negotiations can be backed with hard data

SmartFreight unifies your last mile data across thousands of deliveries and multiple carriers.

This empowers insight into:

  1. service failure,
  2. bottle necks and
  3. carrier success or failure.

Get the data to drive improved rates and maintain or improve service levels.


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SmartFreight’s automated solution calculates the best way to achieve:

  • Best rate
  • Best shipment option
  • Best turnaround time
  • Best route with the least environmental impact


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Why SmartFreight works so well

  1. It helps you to make informed decisions 
  2. It helps you to manage multiple carriers - as if they were one
  3. It measures the performance of your own fleet
  4. It reduces billing errors and duplicates
  5. It calculates the most efficient delivery method with a focus on your environmental impact


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SmartFreight seamlessly integrates with top WMS’s ERP’s and Accounting software, Marketplaces and many more platforms.

Fit for purpose.

We get it. Procurement processes are long and detailed.


We suggest the following steps:

  1. Watch some of our videos
  2. Book a demo to see some of the software in action and ask questions
  3. If our solution looks like a good fit, we can take qualifying companies to a live customer site visit.


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We partner with market leaders and innovators


SmartFreight has partnered with over 650+ carriers globally.


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We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform.


Our world class developers using cutting edge technology, ensure it won’t just keep up with your business but help drive your business forward.


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What our customers are saying:


“This is the best return on investment we have ever seen in a transport management system with savings of $25 000 year on year and I would positively recommend the solution to any company utilising multiple transport carriers”

Mike Wakely – Chief Financial Officer, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters Australia


"With SmartFreight our whole aspect of ordering, despatching and tracking of freight has become simpler and much more efficient.

Shaun Bowen – Bowens South Africa


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SmartFreight lets you choose the best option based on your business priorities such as best rate, fastest route and least environmental impact


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