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Founded in 1997: The quest to unify last mile data.

Way back, in 1997, we saw the need for multiple carriers to be managed on a single platform. So we built a system that lets you use your own freight rates with your chosen transport providers. It unifies multiple carriers on one platform that manages them all. That one system is called SmartFreight.


We’re changing last mile shipping through better data.

Shipping is a crucial link in the supply chain and is often the difference between a great customer experience and a bad one. It’s a vital part of your service offering, but something you rarely have full control over.


Data-driven decisions

SmartFreight quickly became a market leader through helping companies make informed decisions based on access to good data. Our customers use their SmartFreight system to streamline their operations with evidence based insight.


Part of WiseTech Global

SmartFreight became a part of WiseTech Global in 2018. WiseTech Global is a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics industry globally. WiseTech is a founder-led technology company that provides logistics software. WiseTech's core product suite, CargoWise, provides the best-in-class software solution for international freight-forwarding and boasts industry-leading annual customer retention rates of over 99%.  



Like any supply chain, successful shipment management is driven by close relationships between shippers, transport providers and customers. It’s the long-term strategic alliances we’ve cemented over two decades, we have developed software that has enabled us to deliver the latest technology to streamline the supply chain for our clients and partners alike.


We work with diverse industries, across the globe

Today, we are privileged to work with leading customers who are from diverse industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Retail, eCommerce, FMCG, Jewellery, Packaging and Printing.









We partner with market leaders and innovators


SmartFreight has partnered with over 650+ carriers globally.


What our customers are saying:


Without doubt SmartFreight has delivered on its promise, allowing us to efficiently distribute to our dealer network from day one of the DC going live. Its ability to integrate with our WMS has created a very streamlined operation, and the reporting functions are also proving a real asset.

Matt Shoolbread - Parts Distribution Manager for Mazda New Zealand


“This is the best return on investment we have ever seen in a transport management system with savings of $25 000 year on year and I would positively recommend the solution to any company utilising multiple transport carriers”

Mike Wakely – Chief Financial Officer, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters Australia


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