Shipping simple

01 - How SmartFreight® makes shipping simple

Flexible. Powerful. Efficient. Plug SmartFreight’s® shipping platform into your business and discover the easy way to take control of freight.
From choosing transport providers and services, to helping customers track your shipments online, our modular shipping solution makes logistics simple and efficient, and available anywhere.

Delivery Partner

02 - Find the right delivery partner, instantly.

There are hundreds of transport providers out there. Whatever you need to send, we’ll instantly help you narrow down the search for the right transport provider based on your selected criteria. Accurate quotes are generated in real-time, so you always know how much it’s going to cost. SmartFreight® integrates seamlessly with your supply chain, and by plugging it into your eCommerce checkout, you and your customers can make better informed purchasing decisions, avoiding nasty surprises. From a web browser, you can manage any mark-ups, and apply them by transport provider, service or zone.

Discover the best route for your needs

03 - Discover the best route for your needs

As well as determining the right provider, your search criteria also has the flexibility to work out the best route, based on price, time and service standard expectations – you can even specify a route based on the smallest carbon footprint. Sometimes, the cheapest route isn’t directly from A to B, while the fastest might not be the most profitable. SmartFreight® helps you strike the balance between customer expectations and commercial needs.

Seamlessly integrate drop shipping

04 - Seamlessly integrate drop shipping

Whether domestically within country or across the globe, sometimes your freight is dispatched by a third party. Not a problem. SmartFreight® makes it easy to manage drop shipping, while offering a seamless experience to your customers. We also make it easier than ever for you to source product globally, and ship to customers directly through last mile transport providers. Many of our clients have made double digit savings on their shipping costs when compared to fulfilling and shipping the traditional way.

Stay in the know, every step of the way

05 - Stay in the know, every step of the way

When it comes to delivery, certainty is everything. Help enhance trust in your business, and make life easier for your team, by offering the ability to track deliveries online. From processing and dispatch, to customs and delivery, we make it easy to track a shipment, every step of the way.

When orders are dispatched, your customers will receive a branded email from you with all the details they need to track their shipment on their desktop or mobile devices.

Gain valuable insights from analysis and reporting

06 - Gain valuable insights from analysis and reporting

With all your shipments centralised in one solution, regardless of transport provider, it’s easy to build a complete picture of the impact your freight decisions have on your business. Our API integrates with hundreds of eCommerce, ERP and WMS platforms. This accountability makes SmartFreight® the ideal shipping solution for branch networks with centralised reporting to corporate head offices, including the option of DIFOT (Delivered In Full and On Time) reporting.

Always on. Always secure

07 - Always on. Always secure

As a Cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, you can access SmartFreight® wherever you are, across your devices, without downloading or installing any software. You can add an unlimited number of users to your account, with no license fees. If you’re a high volume shipper, we also offer an On-Premise solution for the ultimate speed in address label printing. Our private cloud operates on Tier III networks (the world’s highest standard), so you can be sure all data is held securely and you’re guaranteed a reliable service.

We’re also compliant with virtually all domestic transport providers in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Ireland and mainland Europe with new providers constantly being added to offer you even more choice of transport provider.

SmartFreight® benefits, at a glance

08 - SmartFreight® benefits, at a glance

You can customise your SmartFreight® experience to suit the ever-changing needs of your business. Some of the options available to you:

  • Private or Public Cloud, or On-Premise
  • Shipping Optimisation by least cost or mode of transport
  • Drop ship direct from suppliers
  • A single Tracking Portal for you and your customers, regardless of the transport provider used
  • Roll out real-time tracking to your delivery fleet with Tracker4Transport
  • Returns (Reverse Logistics) management
  • Transport Provider invoice import/reconciliation
  • Dangerous Goods Documentation creation

Fit for purpose.

We get it. Enterprise procurement processes are long and detailed.


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