The 2012 Australian Business Awards categories for Best Product Value...

The 2012 Australian Business Awards categories for Best Product Value and Product Excellence have been won by SmartFreight. Known for its user friendly, multi-carrier freight dispatch systems, SmartFreight is a market leader and pioneer in true SaaS (Software as a Service) in the transport industry.These awards being added to the two awards (Best E-Business Product and Best Software Product) bestowed upon SmartFreight in the 2011 Australian Business Awards program.

The Australian Business Awards recognise organisations that demonstrate business excellence and commercial success. The Product Excellence Award is awarded for products that by the nature of their unique design, offer a point of difference from their competitors and the Best Product Value Award recognises products that deliver outstanding value to organisations that implement the solution.

Recognised among Australia's most innovative organisations, SmartFreight was honoured with two awards amongst a total of 874 participating organisations. "We are delighted to have won these Australian Business Awards, because they acknowledge over a decade of commitment to developing our software for our customers". They recognise the great success of our products, as well as the expertise of our people who support them," says Mr. Kerry Holmes, General Manager - Australia & New Zealand, Interactive Freight Systems Pty Ltd.

"We have always approached our solutions from the point of relationships," Holmes says. "The Transport Management Software (TMS) industry is built on close inter-related partnerships between suppliers, customers and freight carriers. We provide the fourth element – the software that makes all aspects of the delivery process work efficiently and transparently."

The winning products, the range of SmartFreight software solutions, are exceptionally user friendly and easily interfaced to all Carriers, ERP, WMS and CRM systems. The SmartFreight transport management software saves its customers freight costs by searching for the most economic means or best service to match any particular shipment/customer requirements.

"We were confident we had a strong competitive advantage and took  SmartFreight offshore to some key markets: New Zealand, Ireland, UK, China and South Africa with further expansion planned into the rest of Asia and the United States later in 2012. The process efficiency, cost savings and transparency around dispatch practices we offer have made our products an international success," says Mr. Ken Aitken – CEO, SmartFreight Group of Companies.

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, The Australian Business Awards said, "Despite a challenging business environment locally and abroad, this year's participants in The Australian Business Awards remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation and excellence."

"There was unparalleled breadth and depth in this year's entries, highlighting the economic stability of Australia and stamping it as the "clever country for progressive projects, investment, enterprise ventures and workplace practices. Across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, the 2012 winners of The Australian Business Awards are innovative, agile and truly 'best in class'."


Posted on: 12/08/2012

Source: SmartFreight Article