SmartFreight has been working to secure Qassure...

SmartFreight accredited with CCIQ Qassure

Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland

SmartFreight has been working over the past months to secure accreditation with the Queensland Government, known as Qassure. This is an accreditation that is managed by the Queensland Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and identifies SmartFreight® as a pre-qualified ICT supplier, to all levels of Queensland Government departments


QAssure is a revised accreditation process, and seeks to easily connect qualified ICT suppliers with public and private sector organisations seeking their services. The Qassure approval is not given without considerable checks and balances. Only ICT suppliers that are credible and fit for purpose are accredited. As a result, the QAssure tick of approval gives vendors confidence in the quality and service they’ll receive from the businesses we list.


SmartFreight is thrilled about the prospect of Queensland businesses reaching out for our solutions, and will be looking to grow our customer base further, combined with this government recognition


Interactive Freight Systems, QAssure Number is: 10374

Posted on: 07/01/2015

Source: SmartFreight Article