Smart Shipping Keeps Everyone Happy In A Changing World

Published: 13/11/2020

Both retailers and consumers can agree on several things when it comes to online shopping - visibility is crucial. For the customer it's to see where their purchased items are in the delivery chain, and to anticipate delivery in advance; for the retailer and transport provider it's to ensure they're meeting the parameters of what was promised to that customer.

Everyone wants real-time updates of the location of their goods within the delivery journey, right from the time of despatch. Now multiply this by thousands of parcels being shipped from any one warehouse in any one week, multiply again by warehouse locations across the country and weeks of the year, and it makes it a complete no-brainer to invest in an innovative shipping software solution to streamline and automate operations.

Consumers are not shy about choosing companies that offer digital and rapid response customer support options. Customers have no interest in navigating through multiple transport provider websites, but companies need to have access to those providers in order to offer an appealing choice of shipping options - from same day to "free" on less urgent items.

The right shipping software solution can help online retailers forge a relationship with customers with delivery options all on one platform and promotional incentives such as free shipping and personalised tracking to reinforce branding. More than that, they can help retailers and warehouses to keep their promises and meet expectations on the delivery options selected.

The global health crisis has seen online demand swollen by first-time users and even though consumer sentiment is usually fickle - 44% say they will continue their internet shopping habits post pandemic - eCommerce businesses need to take advantage of the deluge of online shopping and maintain demand as much as possible.

Using smart shipping software solutions can also boost customer uptake. According to a Capgemini 2020 survey, 37% of online consumers would decline to shop at a store that had limited delivery options or a difficult returns process, while 42% would pay extra for an expedited delivery option. Having access to multiple transport providers gives far greater and speedier choice than putting all your eggs in one basket. Building in a level of customer control effectively aligns a retailer's or supplier's brand with high quality service delivery.

And it goes without saying that any business shipping multiple items on a daily business should choose a software solutions provider that is already integrated to big name ecommerce platforms, marketplaces or ERP system providers.

You don't need a crystal ball to see that there has been a seismic shift in consumer spending habits, meaning eCommerce operations need to be even more flexible to cope with the fluctuations that this will bring. And Brexit will be upon us soon, with the potential associated changes in taxation, customer information and border regulations when shipping to the EU - all of which should be updated automatically by any reputable shipping software provider.

The benefits of implementing smart shipping software that can empower the consumer, and introducing platforms that enable the retailer to manage the consumer whilst assisting the retailer-shipper relationship, is without question invaluable. Brand marketing is anchored in understanding the value proposition and how this trickles down through the supply chain. The businesses that can demonstrate this at scale will have a greater chance of survival.

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