RapidG take their shipping operation to the next level with SmartFreight

What happens when you land a big fish contract and need to level up your technology seamlessly & swiftly?


RapidG which is located in Griffith Australia has a wide range of products from catering, safety to cleaning products into a variety of sectors. Two years ago, RapidG landed a large national contract and suddenly it needed to deliver products to over 2000 sites across the country. Australia is over 7.6 million sq. km. so that’s a lot of geography to manage.  

Previously, RapidG was a self-proclaimed “small” company, so in order to navigate these new challenges they knew they needed better technology to help them reduce freight costs. 

Despite owning its own vehicles mixed with a number of transport providers, it became evident that RapidG needed to manage all of these shipments from one platform to save time, money and labour. On their own, they weren’t making any headway. 

Their needs included: reconciling their monthly carrier invoices more efficiently - and they also required the outbound flexibility to choose the cheapest option to drive down their freight spend. 

Based in a regional location, freight costs are a major cost and the solution that met all of their needs was SmartFreight. 

SmartFreight provided RapidG the ability to report on freight costs per provider: this allowed them to drive down costs because they could now use multiple providers, and services for different regions. 

One of RapidG’s clients provides products to NSW (New South Wales) government schools, and this client has a requirement for companies to track and report on stock and shipments. This is critical to ensure all government staff have the appropriate levels of PPE and hygiene products.  

SmartFreight helps clients meet their unique requirements in myriad ways. SmartFreight’s email notification and tracking provides real-time shipment events and that ensures the customer knows when - and where - their order will arrive. This tracking technology gave RapidG peace of mind knowing they could meet and exceed their clients’ needs. 

By introducing SmartFreight Mobile to the RapidG fleet, the team saw a reduction in manual keying errors and mistakes by a whopping 25%. From a cost perspective SmartFreight delivered a freight saving of $65,000 in the first year of operation alone proving to be an excellent ROI. 

RapidG also uses the SmartFreight Asset tracking to track their pallets to ensure they don’t incur any penalties for loss. 


“Before SmartFreight, we’d send shipments out and only have visibility when it was dispatched, and fingers crossed there weren’t any issues. Now we have tracking events sent to the customer and reporting to manage our carrier relationships/performance and negotiate when we have service disruption.” Brendan Cappello General Manager, RapidG 



  • Freight Cost saving with choice of provider and service
  • Reduce manual error for your own fleet
  • Scale to attract new customers and deliver on time


Posted on: 05/10/2023