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About Us 

Compdata Technology Services, have been developing software solutions for transport service users for over 20 years. Today we provide the most advanced and versatile workstation system for users of transport services, SupplyMaster®. With an ongoing commitment to product development, Compdata products have always met the highest standards of quality, stability and functionality. Compdata also offers customers full system support, installation and training. Over the years, Compdata has worked closely with retailers, automotive manufacturers, carriers, and government bodies, providing consultancy services in the areas of Barcoding, Electronic Commerce and Freight Distribution Management.



Stationery Order

We’re streamlining the way we process SupplyMaster and iSupplyMaster stationery orders.

Please open the Order Form below, and either update the form with your stationery order, save the file and email or print the form, update your order, scan and then email to

In 2017, we became a part of the SmartFreight®, Interactive Freight Systems group.

Posted on: 13/12/2018