Codeless Platforms Partner with SmartFreight®

SmartFreight® is delighted to announce our new partnership with Codeless Platforms in the UK.

Ken Aitken, SmartFreight® Global MD commented “The seamless integration that can now be delivered between Codeless Platforms and SmartFreight® to thousands of SAP B1 users across Europe is a game changer in the supply chain industry. No longer can platforms expect to deliver by working in silos. End-to-end integration from order to deliver is the only way to truly offer value in today’s omni-channel environment. We are truly excited about this new alliance with Codeless Platforms and the immeasurable value it represents to our clients and partners.”

Sven Theophil Codeless Platforms Sales Director added “By partnering with Codeless Platforms, SmartFreight® can now offer its customers an end-to-end solution via our SAP-Certified integration connector. The connector provides seamless integration between SmartFreight® and SAP Business One, whether on SAP HANA, SQL or via SAP Business One Cloud. With the integration in place, SmartFreight® customers will then be able to automate numerous business processes, including the pushing and pulling of information between SmartFreight® and SAP Business One. This will help them eradicate repetitive data entry, improve the speed of deliveries, increase employee productivity and enhance the visibility of all sales deliveries across their business.”

Please review the attached video which explains the power of SmartFreight® and Codeless Platforms partnership and what is means to SAP users in Europe. SmartFreight - SAPB1 Integration

Posted on: 25/11/2019