Interactive Freight Systems: maker of the multi-award winning Transport Management System: SmartFreight

Interactive Freight Systems first made its name in Australia in the mid 1990’s for the provision of a generic multi-carrier transport management system (TMS) SmartFreight®. Its ongoing development has resulted in Interactive Freight Systems becoming the undisputed global market leader in the development and provision to customers of Transport Management Software. 

Interactive Freight Systems were and remain the pioneers in the field of true multi-level electronic data transfer within the global transport industry both at a local and international level. SmartFreight® has always taken the view that the transport and communications industry is built upon close inter-related partnerships between customers, freight carriers, freight consultants and software providers. This philosophy has not changed and is being further enhanced as SmartFreight® moves into new international markets globally.

Our original solutions are now well complimented with an ever growing suite of Internet based products and services. This is further extended by a comprehensive suite of strategic alliance partners who contribute to providing all parties within the supply chain, both in terms of B2B and B2C trading, a cost effective and focused solution. Interactive Freight Systems whilst recognised as a market leader, continue to invest heavily to provide an on-the-ground support network that is second to none. 


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Posted on: 28/01/2017