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Yamaha Motor Australia was incorporated in June 1983 and now predominantly sells Motorcycles, ATVs, Outboard Engines, Watercraft, Aerial Vehicles, Golf Buggies, Power Generators, as well as parts and accessories for their product range. Since formation the company has continued to expand its operations: on April 1st, 1987 and July 1st, 1989 respectively, Yamaha commenced Western Australian and Queensland distribution. Today, Yamaha continues to introduce new products into the marketplace. It has always met market demand by offering better quality, higher performance products that fully utilise Yamaha's advanced technology.


What a Yamaha Motor employee has to say about SmartFreight:


“We began our relationship with SmartFreight due to unhappiness with our previous Transport Management System. We struggled to work with our previous TMS and form the type of partnership that would be beneficial to YAMAHA®. 

But then we made the switch to SmartFreight.

Now we have SmartFreight operating in numerous branches and all our processes have become streamlined and uniform. We’re able to monitor our performance and interrogate the data coming out of all of our branches -- meaning we can directly track all of our freight from one branch. A related plus has been that since we’re running SmartFreight in all our locations, we can focus our training programs to be software specific.

The business benefits of using SmartFreight have been tremendous. We’ve integrated all of the freight companies that we use into the software and we now have the ability to shop for the most efficient rates. Our employees can also look at SmartFreight and make freighting decisions on the floor, they don’t have to refer the decision to management anymore. This process has helped us build trust with our employees and speed up our freighting operations. We’ve also been able to provide accurate statistics to freighting companies so that we can negotiate the best rates and partnership deals; we have to -- we ship around 700 items a day and SmartFreight is an integral part of that process.

Overall, we’re extremely satisfied with our partnership with SmartFreight and we’ll be looking to utilise the software in our future operations in New Zealand. The tech support and team has been an excellent feature as well and we’re happy that we made the switch.”


-- Alan Tourle, Yamaha Motor Warehouse Manager


Yamaha Motor Australia
Key Achievement
More Control/Lower Costs, Accurate Consignments with Less Errors, Labour Savings Over Previous System
SmartFreight Australia
SmartFreight Enterprise


  • Minimise freight charges by estimating costs accurately and offer our customers the service of delivering their orders at the lowest cost
  • Leverage greater savings and obtain better service levels from freight vendors
  • Accurate and seamless freight vendor invoice reconciliation at the end of billing cycles
  • Keep software programmes to a minimum to avoid complexity
  • Increase customer service response times to accurately answer client enquiries on freight movements


SmartFreight’s Solution: Freight Estimator, Least Cost Routing, Receiver Email Notification, Data Export, Delivery Times, DIFOT Tracking, Tracking Website.


  • Fully integrated with YAMAHA’s ERP
  • Detailed reports which also provide live tracking and invoice reconciliation
  • Automatic ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) email sent to customer advising impending delivery by carrier connote number
  • One system compliant with all major transport carriers. Significant freight cost savings through time efficiencies, accurate carrier data, and robustness of system
  • Value added services such as Time Sensitive Freight to be auto booked via the system rather than warehouse personnel
  • Cost savings through least cost routing and accurate cost estimation