At a Glance

Valley Northern are one of the UK's leading suppliers to pharmacies and other healthcare establishments, driven by exceptional service and certified products that keep you and your customers safe. Their roots began in 1972, and from there they have continued to grow consistently year on year. Valley Northern is family owned with all  their employees living the values of hassle free because we care.  Now many clients rely on them as a key hassle-free supplier to the UK healthcare sector. Valley Northern offers a wide range of healthcare and medical products from stock available for next day delivery, ensuring their customers are never out of stock

Dale Pittock, Sales Director says:

“We are able to least-cost all the routes our transport carriers take to ensure we are implementing the most cost-effective method of despatch. This means we can also pass these savings to our customers. SmartFreight allows customers to receive an automated email with a unique tracking link so that they can track their parcels through a bespoke Valley Northern portal, and see where the parcel is at all times with any tracking events that occur. This means they no longer need to call us to check on an order status, because in most cases they have the information they need instantly. It’s all about providing a more hassle-free service. That’s why our mascot is Harry, and our strapline is 'We do give a monkeys!' and why SmartFreight fits so well with us.”

Dale Pittock
Sales Director
Valley Northern
Carver Road , Astonfields , Stafford , ST16 3BP, England 

Valley Northern
Key Achievement
Reducing transport spend while continually enhancing customer service
SmartFreight UK
SmartFreight Enterprise


  • The need to leverage greater savings and obtain better service levels from freight vendors
  • Track and Trace Branded Customer Portal
  • Seamless bi-directional integration
  • Effective Least Cost Routing capabilities
  • Stop amending addresses on multiple carriers websites
  • Accurate and seamless freight vendor invoice reconciliation at the end of billing cycle
  • A rapid return on investment (ROI)


SmartFreight’s Solution: Seamless integration, Shipment Optimisation/Least Cost Routing, shipment tracking carrier invoice reconciliation customised to include auto courier job booking enhancing client satisfaction.



  • Fast, hassle-free software that improves processes, simplifies IT,
  • Fantastic reports, gives live tracking, provides invoice reconciliation, is customisable and adaptable
  • Fully integrated with our ERP system