At a Glance

Mazda New Zealand is the official NZ distributor of Mazda vehicles, parts and accessories. Their Auckland based Distribution Centre (opened in May 2013) provides state-of-the-art facilities designed for the efficient storing and shipment of parts to its dealer network. The Mazda philosophy of Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) is at the core of their operation, and helps ensure Mazda products and services remain world class.

“Mazda New Zealand have been using SmartFreight® since opening our new Distribution Centre in April 2013.

We had entered into arrangements with several carriers, but did not want the hassle of multiple freight systems. SmartFreight® was sold to us as the solution to this issue, and we were cited examples of others in our industry who were using it also.

Without doubt SmartFreight® has delivered on its promise, allowing us to efficiently distribute to our dealer network from day one of the DC going live. Its ability to integrate with our WMS has created a very streamlined operation, and the reporting functions are also proving a real asset.

In short we are very happy with the software, and would recommend it to any company using multiple carriers”

Matt Shoolbread
Parts Distribution Manager
Mazda New Zealand

Key Achievement
Delivered successfully a fault tolerant interface between SmartFreight® and MultiPick WMS
SmartFreight® New Zealand
SmartFreight® Professional


  • Create an efficient dispatch process
  • Keep software programs to a minimum to avoid complexity
  • Monitor freight spend down to consignment / dealer level
  • Establish robust and accurate tracking solution
  • Reduce time spent reconciling freight bills


SmartFreight® Professional (incorporating all six carriers contracted by Mazda NZ) Integrated with MultiPick WMS software


  • Staff fully trained and live shipping from day one.
  • Accurate freight reconciliation takes minutes, not hours.
  • Freight spend kept to a minimum due to Least Cost Routing options
  • More than 200 consignments per day routinely shipped out of the new DC , with minimal staffing levels required in dispatch area.