At a Glance

Estate Wine Distributors is an Australian Wine Company representing some of Australia’s and New Zealand's most highly reputable wineries. In 1991, the company was established in Sydney by an experienced and passionate wine enthusiast, Peter Papanikitas, who aspired to develop a wine company that distributed high quality, boutique wines from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Including Stonefish, Scarpantoni, Woodside Estate, Grant Burge, Tempus Two and more they have an impressive portfolio of over 30 wine brands that are sold across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. Following domestic success, they also export some of their most successful brands to Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Europe.

“We have been using Ezywine and SmartFreight for a while now as separate software packages. While both systems are excellent software in their own right this was leading to double entry of data between these two systems resulting in errors on some wine orders being shipped to wrong receivers. A simple call to Interactive Freight Systems solved my problems. The SmartFreight technician attending our warehouse installed a data link or interface between Ezywine and SmartFreight. This was completed efficiently with minimal disruption to our business within 2 hours Now, when invoices are created in Ezywine the relevant shipping information is transferred seamlessly to SmartFreight® where the correct transport carrier is automatically chosen depending on, destination, items, weight and cube and shipping label is auto produced. Having only one interface to SmartFreight (being a multicarrier transport management system) EWD does not have to maintain multiple interfaces to multiple transport carrier systems. This is a no brainer as orders are now despatched seamlessly saving both valuable time and resources. For any business using Ezywine as their ERP system, there is only one solution for shipping freight. SmartFreight”

Peter Papanikitas
MD Estate Wine Distributors / Stonefish Wines
Unit 12, 5 Clerke Place
Kurnell NSW 2231

Estate Wines Distributors
Key Achievement
Delivered successfully a fault tolerant interface between Ezywine and SmartFreight
SmartFreight Australia
SmartFreight Professional


  • To streamline despatch operations to a unified single system
  • Ability for solution to interface with internal ERP system and invoicing structure
  • The need to implement automatic and seamless Least Cost Routing and automatic freight invoice reconciliation to offset freight costs
  • Requirement of a user friendly system that was quick to deploy with no maintenance requirements


SmartFreight’s Solution: Receive input data from Ezywine ERP for seamless and correct shipping of freight.


  • One interfaced system compliant with all major transport carriers
  • Freight cost savings through Least Cost Routing and accurate invoice reconciliation of freight charges
  • Instant access to carriers freight tracking facilities direct through SmartFreight instant search function
  • Elimination of double data entry between two databases