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Bowens provides printing services, including bureau services, digital printing, Web to print, Photo-books, and personalised calendars.

“We have taken personalisation to the next level, by integrating cross media campaigning with personalised imagery. Personalisation is no longer about a black and white piece of paper sent to millions of people containing their name and surname. The images we use to personalise grabs the reader/recipient`s attention and create an interest in what you have to sell”.

"With SmartFreight® Professional our whole aspect of ordering, despatching and tracking of freight has become simpler and much more efficient. Our users utilise SmartFreight to choose the appropriate carrier for each item being despatched. A single process is in place for all of the carriers we use. Staff refer to the SmartFreight® system when reconciling carrier invoices and running various reports.

Billing differences are highlighted at the individual parcel level enabling us to pay for Freight at the agreed prices. Customer inquiries as to freight location can be handled faster. Also the costs can be tracked and recorded against freight recovery. The time consuming double entry of data has been eliminated and our courier invoice handling has been improved with less time required to double check charges.

For any company shipping freight SmartFreight® Professional by Interactive Freight Systems should be the natural extension of their freight portfolio”.

Shaun Bowen
21 Stephenson Street
Village Main

Key Achievement
Standardisation of Transport Management Systems across all warehouses compliant with all transport carriers
SmartFreight South Africa
SmartFreight® Professional


To streamline despatch operations to a unified single system across both warehouses.

  • Ability for the solution to allow for a seamless interface with our proprietary ERP and internal warehousing systems
  • The need to implement automatic and seamless least cost or least time routing and automatic freight invoice reconciliation to reconcile the cost of every item of freight
  • An effective solution where constantly changing freight and fuel charges are kept current to enable correct freight choices at despatch
  • Improved customer service response times to accurately answer clients enquiries on freight movements


SmartFreight® Professional with a focus on integration, multi-courier ability, least cost routing, freight tracking and courier invoice reconciliation.


  • Accurate invoice reconciliation of freight charges
  • Significant freight cost savings through least cost or least time routing
  • Successful negotiations with carriers regarding their occasional invoice discrepancies
  • Reporting capabilities an all freight movements from all locations at a central point
  • Seamless interface with in-house ordering systems and despatching of freight